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An exclusive collection of extraordinary and unique home plans created for enhanced living. These designs vary from small starter house plans, to luxurious estate plans  Our portfolio includes vacation house plans and resort plans with stack-able levels, giving you optional space. You’ll also find apartments, duplexes and condominiums with office, shop and apartment space combined for those of you that work from home. New to our collection; car condominiums with a fantastic theme.

Each unique house plan will be customized to suit your needs and your individual home style preference. Determine your house plan budget and the size house plan you want and can afford and then let your imagination flow.

Looking for unique house plans? incredible floor plans?… signature house plans?…

We offer a personnel and affordable home design service. Our goal is to deliver house plans that are easy for the builders to read; and just as easy to build. We design home plans that suit your style; signature house plans. Look at our pricing. We are not a house plan directory or a house plan warehouse; we are a mother and son team with close to fifty combined years in architecture, home building, home design and home planning. We’ve had house plans built all around the world. No house is too big or little. Several of the plans you’ll see on our site are strategically designed to eliminate waste in structure and materials; we call it ‘extreme home design’ offering an increased budget for exciting features; competitive with any other on the market.

3D Rendering Service

3D Rendered House Plans If you choose the option to have your house plans modeled in 3D and rendering, you’ll enjoy watching your new home come to life. Showing you the space and the expected result of 3D sketch with 3D house plans. First the Sketch will be used to layout the new house plans […]

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Site Orientation

Among the most important are neighborhood,  lot access, terrain, view, solar, wind, and sound paths. Site Orientation is the placement of a structure on the property with certain environmental and physical factors taken onto consideration. House plan site Orientation is one of the preliminary factors that an architect or designer take into consideration when beginning the design […]

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3D Room Pattern

Room patterns are rough design ideas that show a client a visual communication of the designer’s vision of the layout of your new home. circles, ovals, squares represent rooms and can be moved around easily to get the design floor plan layout nailed down. Works of Art in their own right, Mr. Rand’s 3D sketches of […]

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Site Inspection Service

Some of our clients feel the need for the go between with them and the builder; to make sure everything is going according to plans, and although this isn’t necessary, it’s beneficial in some cases to perform a site inspection. In the case where the client isn’t going to be available for builder conferences or […]

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Extraordinary house plans with beautiful curved walls…Cool floor plans with elegant rounded  walls…Custom home plans with angled walls

A Point of View provides an outstanding residential and small commercial planning service. Choose a stock house plan from our collection, or we’ll design a custom house plan for you. Affordable and fun, our plans are suited to you and your family. A word from the house plan designer…”It all starts with the land; the house must look and feel as if it grew from the ground. It must relate to its surround; becoming one with the environment. The key is ‘site orientation’. I love soft and fluid lines combined with masculine lines; a perfect marriage; Space, or the illusion of it; the feel, the natural flow, and most importantly, the human factor.

Affordable Custom Home Design…

Cost is always a factor, whether or not you are planning to build a tiny house or a mansion. No matter the size of the house plan or your building budget, taking control of the structural design is how to control cost. I prefer to see where the money is spent. Hidden beams can eat up the budget, and are there due to poor planning. I would rather see a curved glass wall than a complicated roof line as I drive up; simplicity in design.”

The style of your house plan should compliment the actual building site, or the property as well as the surrounding landscape and structures. For example, a ranch style home, or a one level home works best on a level or flat grade. If this style house plan were built on a sloped grade, there would be a tremendous amount of waste in foundation wall. A split level or lower level walkout requires a sloped grade. If this style house plan were built on a flat grade it would require a tremendous amount of retaining walls. The more extreme the slope; the more extreme the structure complexity.

You would not want to build a three story contemporary plan in a cluster of one level traditional homes; nor would you want to build an English Tudor amidst a cluster of Urban home designs. Your new floor plan should represent your personal preferences and lifestyle, but most importantly, your house plan design will need to be built within your budget.

Free 1 Hour Consultation

Let’s talk about your plans… I’ll give you one hour of my time to ask questions and explain your goals to me and I’ll respond during that hour with my advice on how to execute your plan efficiently and effectively for the best desired outcome. Then I’ll follow up with a written summary of our discussion so that you can use that as a tool during your planning. Regardless of you do or don’t use my services…

3D Sketching Phase

During the Custom Home Design Process, I will mass 3d models with your critique and input on design architectural features and you’ll be able to walk around in these masses and get a real feeling of how living in these spaces will be.

3D House Plans

Multi-Dimensional Construction Drawings that live and breathe throughout your construction project. From automatically updating, floor plans, sections and elevations as well as dimensions and materials with associated cost sheets and material lists. Changes made in 3D reflect automatically in your plans… Your plans will be downloaded from and hosted on aboveallhouseplans.com with your other important project files, records and communications.

Sales & Promotion

From 3D renderings to land maps from site plans to surveys… We;ll visualize your project for investors, review boards, permit committees or clients… Brochures, Posters, Maps, Apps, Websites and Landing Pages, Flash Intros, Social Footprint and more… You can’t name the marketing we can’t do… The question is… Will we do it?


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