Do you need a stock plan or a custom home design? Check out our faq page.

If your taste is unique, or if you have something particular in mind, it may be difficult to find a good a good match for a floor plan. If you can’t find something to suit you, a custom home design may be the best option.

What if you like a plan, but it’s not quite right; too small or too large?

Any stock plan can be customized to suit you, your budget and your needs. We can reduce the size of a plan, add levels or take away levels or chance the style to suit your tastes.

How much does it cost to revise a stock plan?

The cost to revise depends on the complexity of the plan and the estimated time involved in making the revisions you want. If the revisions are minor, there may not be an additional fee, but if the exterior view need to be reworked, the cost could be half as much as the plan cost, but not to exceed.

How much does it cost to have a custom house plan designed?

Unless you request the exclusive rights to your plan, it will be placed on the website as a stock plan, which gives it value, and because of it, our custom design fees are very affordable, and priced to compete with a revised stock plan. Thanks for visiting our faq page.

Author: Kristoff Rand