Site Orientation

Among the most important are neighborhood,  lot access, terrain, view, solar, wind, and sound paths. Site Orientation is the placement of a structure on the property with certain environmental and physical factors taken onto consideration. House plan site Orientation is one of the preliminary factors that an architect or designer take into consideration when beginning the design process. The specific needs of the occupants such as individual habits, perceptions, aesthetic values and family structure, are also very important. To help us do this we ask that our clients send us photos of their lots views.

Clients should send in photos of each direction of lot views, so that we can better interpret the location requirements

Then our Home Designer; Kristoff Rand, creates a Land Usage Plan for that specific lot. Using circles to show room areas and uses. This plan gives us a layout for rooms and allows the client to approve the suggested plan before valuable time is wasted in hard-line drawings. Giving the custom home design client complete control of the design process.